The Promise is to You

He Makes All Things New

Today I took a walk. It was a walk very similar to one I’d taken back in October on my birthday. I traced almost the same route, walking past a graveyard and down a hill onto the boardwalk. Joggers and other walkers were out, too, cautiously-optimistically dressed in spring coats and vests. I was even wearing the same jacket I’d worn in October, only this time it nearly didn’t zip up over my 29-weeks-pregnant belly.

Back on my birthday I had been newly pregnant – only six SDC13367weeks along – and I had still been trying to wrap my brain around the fact that there was a tiny person inside of me growing and changing rapidly. Now at 29 weeks I am confident that there is a (not so tiny) person inside of me, mostly because she kicks me to make her presence known. As I wound my way down the boardwalk today I watched the feathered ice begin to melt, revealing exhausted, burdened and nearly dead plants. The water flowing to my left was murky and full of decaying leaves and sediment. Truthfully, the only pretty thing about the scene was the sunshine. This was a stark contrast to what I had seen in October when the trees were blazing in fall glory and the creek was clean and fresh.

A cool breeze at my back pushed me along and I stopped at various points to survey the scenes around me: the lazy water caught up in chunks of ice yet to be melted, grassy plants flattened totally under the weight of snow, muddy decay everywhere. The more I walked the more I was awed by the knowledge that in a few short weeks life would spring forth from the death surrounding me. Our God is a god of pure act and it is truly incredible to me that every spring he chooses to make all of nature new.

As an eternal optimist, the only thing in my mind surer SDC13306than the fact that spring is coming is the fact that God wants to make us new, too. Because “if God so clothes the grass of the field, which today is alive and tomorrow is thrown into the oven, will he not much more clothe you, O you of little faith?” (Matt 6:30)

I think it’s fitting that Lent and Easter come in the spring so that as new life buds and blossoms around us we can take time to give up all the parts of us that are dead due to sin or neglect to the Triune God. We only have to trust that he will make them new again.

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