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Evangelizing Can Be Easy?!

In response to Upper Room’s invitation to
share stories about proclaiming God’s love,
Laura sent in these stories.

I went to Upper Room and felt God convict me that I needed to initiate conversations with people about Jesus more, instead of just trying to be kind and loving and solely waiting on them to bring it up. So I took this to heart. I began trying to push myself to talk to at least one person a day about Jesus so it became my first response. The week after I decided to respond to the prompting the Lord gave me, I had several opportunities to talk about Jesus.

It was easy to start a conversation about it when people would say things like, “You are so happy; why are you so happy?” or when they would take any general interest in me. It was also easy to start a conversation about Jesus when someone I knew was going through a hard time and I was there consoling them. Then they asked me how I was able to be there for them.

In one instance I was able to share Jesus with a Muslim. She wanted to connect and was looking for a friend in me. We talked generally about some hard circumstances. She asked me how I was so peaceful. Because of my new-found strength to tell people about Jesus, I told her, “Well, it is because of Jesus.” We have talked several times about Jesus since then.

friends-with-leavesIn another situation a friend who has been an atheist for a long time told me of her trials to deal with anger, her work, and family troubles. She thought I seemed to have everything together. I told her that I struggled with a lot of things particularly in the past, and that I understood how it would be hard for her. She asked me what had changed. I told her about finding the Catholic Church, converting, and having a relationship with Jesus. I also told her about finding that Mary is my mother, and how being devoted to her has covered so many deep needs and hurts that I had carried my whole life.

I have also had several opportunities to encourage other people who were Catholic to go back to confession and Mass. I find God puts me in the path of “good” people who are Catholic but not practicing, or who practice but it hasn’t brought the deep joy and intimacy that comes with a close relationship to Christ and the joy of the Holy Spirit.

I try to get to know them as individuals and then just invite them to more of the richness of the faith in an area that I think they need (like a basic tenant of the faith such as going to Mass on Sundays, confession, enjoying inspired music, service, or fellowship…anything that can engage their hearts more so they don’t miss out or drift away or even just forget that their faith matters). I encourage them that what they are looking for they will likely find in the Catholic Church. Many people have told me that this helped them go back to church or that it helped them experience more of their faith.

I think it is easy for us to help
kindle the love of God
in the hearts of those around us
if we take a moment and are
docile to what the Holy Spirit tells us
will help them.

I would encourage everyone who is in love with Jesus to consider telling people at least every now and then how much they love Jesus, how much they depend on Jesus for everything, and how a relationship with Him brings them so much hope, joy, and peace. People want to hear this and it impacts them.

Addendum: My Muslim friend told me that her role model is St. Teresa. I bought her a keychain with a picture and quote from St. Teresa, and a book about St. Teresa and service. She told me I have become her guardian angel. What she doesn’t know yet is that it is Jesus loving her through me. People need us to share Him with them!


How are you responding to the call to proclaim God’s love?
Upper Room would love to post other people’s stories like this to build each other’s faith and share evangelism ideas. Email your story for consideration to Christy at


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