From Left to Right
Top: Carolyn Millard (Prayer Ministry Assistant Leader), Doug Helderop (Music & Tech Director), Bill Millard (Head Usher), Del Paquin (Hospitality Team Co-Leader), Bill Kangas (Praise & Worship Leader)
Middle: Tirienne Leonard (Former Young Adult Outreach Director), Deacon Lou Russello (Prayer Ministry Team Leader), Mary Jo Paquin (Hospitality Team Co-Leader), Bryan Alfonso (Praise & Worship Leader)
Bottom: Gerry Hofer (Welcome Team Leader), Christy Whiting (Upper Room Director), Dr. Mary Healy (Spiritual Life Commission and Praise & Worship Leader)


Christy Whiting

Christy Whiting – Upper Room Director

Christy Whiting is the director of Upper Room and a leader of Praise & Worship. She is passionate about helping people to live daily in the power of the Holy Spirit. Since 1996 she has been active in a variety of ministries including mission trips, high school youth ministry, college student ministry, young adult ministry and pro-life work. In 2009 Christy began speaking at Holy Spirit Seminars (a 1-day version of the Life in the Spirit Seminar). Her involvement there led to co-founding Upper Room in 2012. Christy is pursuing a Masters in Pastoral Studies at Sacred Heart Seminary, and in her rare free time, she can be found at a coffee shop with friends, working on art projects, or swing dancing.


Doug Helderop2Doug Helderop – Music & Tech Director

Doug leads the music teams and oversees the technical aspects of Upper Room. His greatest desire is to lead others into the holy presence of the one, true God. There we are overwhelmed by His love and cannot help but be transformed and renewed from the inside out to live a life devoted to Christ Our King. As the son of a Baptist minister and musical mother, Doug began singing and playing piano before he was old enough to read. He has always been attracted to things with knobs, faders and lights which probably explains his fascination with audio, video and lighting. Doug has spent a majority of his career as a television producer and director. When he is not working or ministering, he enjoys spending time with friends and family and working out. He also likes mountain biking and scuba diving. He loves meeting new people so feel free to stop by and say hi after Praise and Worship.


Praise & Worship Leaders:

Dr Mary HealyDr. Mary Healy

Dr. Mary Healy is an advisor for Upper Room and a leader of Friday night Praise & Worship. She is passionate about helping Catholics discover the power of the Holy Spirit for healing, evangelization, and living a transformed life. She teaches Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit and serves as chair of the Doctrinal Commission of International Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services. She is co-editor of the Catholic Commentary on Sacred Scripture and author of several books including Healing: Bringing the Gift of God’s Mercy to the World, The Gospel of Mark and Men and Women Are from Eden. She is a member of the Pentecostal-Catholic International Dialogue, and in 2014 Pope Francis appointed her to the Pontifical Biblical Commission. When not at Upper Room, she can be found cross-country skiing, biking or kayaking.


Bryan AlfonsoBryan Alfonso

Bryan became one of Upper Room’s Praise & Worship leaders after serving as a regular member of the music team for a year; in fact, most of his previous service for the church involved music. So when Dr. Mary Healy asked Bryan to “lead” for the first time, he thought she meant lead the music. He replied, “Yeah, sure, no problem.” It wasn’t until after Mary reacted with wide-eyed surprise to his super-confident reply that he realized what she was really asking! Now, after a few years of leading, Bryan notes,  “While I still get excited every time it’s my turn to lead, I am very relaxed doing it since I have gained some experience and know I can count on the Holy Spirit to be present. It’s an adventure each Friday night to find out how the Spirit is going to lead.” Bryan has been married to Kathleen for 28 years and they have two great kids, Al (26) and Maria (21). He is a Senior Product Engineer and is also a Project Management Professional (PMP). Besides spreading God’s love, Bryan is passionate about jazz music and running with his training partner, Theo, his beloved Australian Shepherd.


Bill KangasBill Kangas

Bill has been involved in various capacities at Upper Room – helping with Life in the Spirit Seminars, playing in the band, and leading Praise & Worship.  He loves to worship and loves for God to work!  In the past he’s been a small group leader, Bible study leader and worship leader.  He’s married with 4 adult children and a growing number of grandchildren.  A former Lutheran, he became a Catholic in 2013.  He loves to talk about Jesus and Catholicism and will tackle any question you have.  He also enjoys music and playing a myriad of different instruments.


Spiritual Life Commission:

The Spiritual Life Commission oversees Upper Room, providing spiritual leadership and consultation.

Dcn Dan FoleyDeacon Dan Foley

Deacon Dan was ordained to the diaconate in 1979 and has served at Christ the King Catholic Church since 1987.  He and his wife, Dolly, celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary in January, 2015.  Deacon Dan is a retired executive and attorney and recently completed a Master’s Degree in Theology.  In addition to his duties at the parish, Deacon Dan is:

• a member of the Executive Board of the National Advisory Council of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington, DC,
• Chairman of the Board of Renewal Ministries,
• a member of the boards of Emmanuel House, Father Francis Martin’s Word Proclaimed Institute, the Catholic Medical Guild and the Pastoral Advisory Board of Hope Clinic,
• a Knight of Malta, Knight Commander of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre and a member of Council 13360 of the Knights of Columbus,
• served as Co-Chair of Bishop Earl Boyea’s Task Force on Evangelization proposing the plan for the re-evangelization of the Diocese of Lansing.


Dolly FoleyDolly Foley

Mae (Dolly) Foley, a graduate of Mundelein College – Loyola University Chicago, is Co-Chair of the Upper Room sub-committee of the Spiritual Life Commission of the parish. Dolly has been married to Deacon Dan Foley for over 50 years. As Co-Chair of the Upper Room, Dolly works in guiding, approving, and advising the Director of Upper Room and in praying for all things related to the Upper Room.

Dolly is a Dame of Malta, a Lady Grand Cross in the Equestrian Order of the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, the highest rank of this ancient papal order.  She has been honored, along with her husband, with the Pro Vita Ecclesia Medal by Pope St. John Paul II.

Dolly and Deacon Dan have been involved in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal since 1975, serving in a variety of leadership roles over the years.  They came to Ann Arbor in 1987 and have been active in Christ the King since that time. Dolly is happiest in her role as wife, mother and grandmother.


Dr Mary HealyDr. Mary Healy

Dr. Mary Healy also co-chairs the Charismatic sub-group of the Spiritual Life Commission.  Her biography is above.






Charism Night this Friday, Jan. 19: We can grow in our ability to recognize God's voice by hearing stories from others. Join us for a night of praise, stories, and learning how to better hear Our Lord. Praise & Worship will be in the Parish Center Gym from 7:45-9:15pm.
Praise & Worship Pondering, 1/12/18: Knowing we are loved by our Heavenly Father gives us the confidence and freedom to move in the power of the Holy Spirit.
At the End of the Double Jubilee Year As 2017 wraps up and 2018 begins, consider what the Holy Spirit has been doing and has next through this blog post.
Listening to the Lord To grow in your ability to hear God's voice, listen to Jeane Larson's talk from our last Charism Night here.
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