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Because Christ the King Parish is focusing on the Alpha Course this fall and winter, Upper Room will not be offering any classes. We encourage anyone who is looking for the Life in the Spirit Seminar and who has not taken it before to consider taking Alpha instead, where essentially the same content will be included. If you are looking for a way to grow in your gifts, we encourage you to volunteer with Alpha to put your gifts into practice.

Upper Room’s next classes will be held in Easter Season, 2018. We’ll offer a Life in the Spirit Seminar and another class for those who’ve already taken the LSS to grow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Feel free to listen to our past classes through the links below.

Past Classes

Life in the Spirit Seminar
This 7-week class introduces participants to life in the power of the Holy Spirit and gives an introduction to the charismatic gifts. Offered around the world for over 40 years, millions of people have received hope, transformation, and new life through this Seminar.

Listen to the class mp3s here.

Fundamentals of Catholic Living
This 7-week class is for those who have already been through a Life in the Spirit Seminar (or Holy Spirit Seminar), and helps participants to apply their faith to daily life through the power of the Holy Spirit. Topics include developing a Catholic worldview, love of God & neighbor, guidance, and growing in holiness.

Listen to the class mp3s here.

Hearing God in Conversation
Hearing God’s voice is key to having a relationship with Him and to using the charisms He gives us. This 6-week class taught by Sam Williamson will help you to grow in your ability to hear the Lord regularly in daily life. Even through silence He speaks. And yes, He speaks to everyone!

Listen to the class mp3s here. To purchase the book this class was based on, click here. (Your purchase can also benefit Christ the King. First go to and select Christ the King Catholic Church – Ann Arbor as your cause. Then access Amazon through the GoodShop site, and 1.5% of your purchase will be donated to the parish!)

Gifts for the New Evangelization
Have you wondered what your spiritual gifts are? Would you like to use them for the New Evangelization? It’s been said that the only thing more difficult than using your gifts for evangelism is trying to evangelize without them! This class helps participants to identify their gifts and to learn more about how to use them. It offers teachings on the spiritual gifts and the opportunity to participate in small groups with others who have the same gifts. The Life in the Spirit Seminar is a prerequisite.

Listen to the class mp3s here.

Walking in the Spiritual Gifts
This course inspires and equips participants to walk in the supernatural charisms as a way of life, especially to evangelize and to build up the body of Christ.  It expands on the Advanced Charisms Course.  For those who have already taken a Life in the Spirit Seminar or a Holy Spirit Seminar.

Listen to the class mp3s here.

Advanced Charisms Course
For those who have taken a Life in the Spirit Seminar or a Holy Spirit Seminar, this 6-week class teaches participants about the nine charismatic gifts and how to use them.

Listen to the class mp3s here.


Praise & Worship Pondering, 9/22/17: Bask in the presence of Our Lord, who pours His living water into the desert places of our lives to bring us abundant life!
A New Season: We're entering a new season in the charismatic renewal and in the Church! Generation Moses is passing the torch to Generation Joshua. Read more on the blog From Springtime to Summer in the Church, and check out the links there to the prophetic words and talks from the National Catholic Charismatic Jubilee Conference.
More Jubilee Year Graces: At Pentecost, Pope Francis invited the Catholic Charismatic Renewal to celebrate our Jubilee with him in Rome. This 5-day event featured many teachings from CCR leaders from around the world. It was highlighted by Pope Francis' address thanking the Catholic Charismatic Renewal and calling us onward in unity. For the papal address, videos of the teachings, and more, click here.
Charismatic Gifts of the Holy Spirit
1 Cor 12:8-10

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