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Healing Service: Dr. Mary Healy and Paco Gavrilides will lead a healing service on Sunday, Nov. 26, from 7-9pm in the Worship Space. Invite family, friends, and anyone in need of physical, emotional, or spiritual healing. All are welcome!
This Friday, Nov. 24: Due to Thanksgiving, there will be a 5:30pm Mass, but there won't be an Upper Room dinner or Praise & Worship. Our regular schedule will resume on Friday, Dec. 1. In the meantime, come to our Healing Service!
Praise & Worship Pondering, 11/17/17: The gift of tongues is a *gift* from our Heavenly Father. He delights when we take joy in it. Holy Spirit, increase this gift in us!
Why Pray in Tongues? Check out our new blog post: "Pursue Love and Strive for the Spiritual Gifts".
Charismatic Gifts of the Holy Spirit
1 Cor 12:8-10

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