Prophecies from the National Catholic Charismatic Jubilee Conference, July 2017


My people, you are the light of the world in a darkness that consumes the world. Do not look down on what seems unclean, but look at it as what is not clean yet. For all of you were unclean before I came to you. I took a zealot, fishermen, a tax collector, and made them great men of the Lord. Even Peter was a meager fisherman and yet he was the vessel I used to build my Church. Go to those least among men, for they will spread my word to Hell’s gate and rob it of the lost and broken that are mine, the Lord’s.


You are a small army. I am raising you up for my Name, for my glory. For I will be glorified in you. I will be glorified in your love, in the love you have for each other, in the love you have for me. In my heart, rivers of mercy flow. As you immerse yourselves in my heart, you will immerse yourselves in the rivers of my love. Live in me, my beloved. Live in my love.


My people, you are celebrating one of the greatest renewals in Church history….It is my wish to give you a more powerful anointing in the years ahead, for the glory of my Name, to be true to my nature….You have been given all you need to proclaim the Word of God. The Word of God is my Son Jesus. Proclaim to all that Jesus is alive!


My beloved, give me your fear, your doubt, your excuses. Then take my hand because I am leading you into the river. Some of you are afraid….But please, please do not remain on the shore. Don’t give any more excuses. Don’t grieve my heart. Grab my hand and jump in! I desire to make you fishers of men, and I desire to use you to build my kingdom.


This is the day of the raising of the dry bones of the Church and the world….Go out and proclaim the mighty works of God once more!

I bless you! I renew you!  I lead you! I go with you!…

Rise up! You are the army of dry bones…because the Holy Spirit is alive in you! Go! Go! Go! Breathe life into the Church and the world!


Note: Some of these words were recorded by hand as they were being spoken quickly, so a few parts are missing. Those sections are denoted by ellipses.


Summer Schedule: To give everyone a summer break, we'll only be having Upper Room on 2nd and 4th Fridays through August. At Praise & Worship on 2nd Fridays we'll have prayer ministry, and we'll leave the 4th Fridays flexible for extended praise, testimonies, etc. There will still be a 5:30pm Mass on the other Fridays of the month.
Next Upper Room: Friday, July 27 Come for Mass, bring your dinner, and stay for another evening basking in Our Lord's presence at Praise & Worship!
Upper Room Praise & Worship Pondering, 7/13/18: Praising God enables us to bask in His presence, and to receive His love which is as real as the rays of sun that warm us and bring life!
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Charismatic Gifts of the Holy Spirit
1 Cor 12:8-10

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