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Pentecost Graces


When I used to teach at the Holy Spirit Seminars, we had a saying: “When you ask the Holy Spirit to come, he never says ‘no.’” That was as true as ever this Pentecost weekend.

Friday night’s Pentecost Praise & Worship had one of the most fire-filled worship sessions I’ve ever seen. In reference to the coming “great wave of the Holy Spirit” that has been prophesied here and around the world for a long time, one of our leaders gave a strong prophetic word: “The wave is here.” That word appeared to be confirmed through the rest of the evening.

Following up on our parish’s novena prayers for a new outpouring of the charismatic gifts, Dave Mangan gave an excellent talk on them. Then everyone was invited to ask either for the gift of tongues for the first time or to pray to grow in the gift, perhaps asking for a new tongue. Most people stood up in response and we prayed in tongues for about three minutes straight. It was beautiful. Several people said that they had received the gift for the first time. Many reported that they had grown in it &/or prayed in a new language.

As a way of potentially using any of the nine charismatic gifts, everyone was invited to pair up and take turns praying over each other. Smiles, tears, laughter, and hugs could be seen across the room. When asked for a show of hands of how many had used at least one of the charismatic gifts, hands went up all over. Two people said they received healing. Three others came up to testify about how the Lord had just worked in them, including a high school student. There was tremendous joy!

Another woman shared afterward that she had been reluctant to pair up to pray. She hesitantly joined a group with two others. When they prayed she was given words of knowledge for both of them. Both words were confirmed. She requested prayers for her leg which was partially numb due to a back problem. Nothing appeared to happen when her group prayed with her. However, when she went back to her seat her leg started shaking involuntarily. When she stood up, her leg was healed! The next day she received prayer for her back. It was healed too!

Though Praise & Worship technically ended at 9:30pm, almost everyone stayed for prayer ministry and more worship. Many words of knowledge were received about what the Lord wanted to do. Over 250 people were there that night, including a number of new faces of all ages.

At the Pentecost Vigil the following night, the Holy Spirit continued to move powerfully through the charismatic gifts. Numerous tongues flowed during worship. Several strong prophetic words were given. Those will be posted to Christ the King’s website after they are transcribed. A word of knowledge was given that the Lord wanted to heal someone’s neck. Afterward many people came up for prayer. Two necks were completely healed (that I know of). Others received partial healing. And everyone who came for prayer had a powerful experience of God’s personal love for them. Thanks be to God!Praise_And_Worship-3edited

We will see over time if this is indeed the new wave of the Spirit that has been prophesied. Whether it is or is not, though, the Holy Spirit has shown once again that he wants to move powerfully in us and through us. Our participation is required. After all, we are the body of Christ on earth!

I would love to hear your stories of what the Holy Spirit did this Pentecost weekend. Please share your experiences in the comments below.

By Christy Whiting, director of Upper Room.

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